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          Latest news  
                                                  The website of Ji Ning Xin Zheng construction Machinery coltd is built ap, welcome new and old consumers.

          Center of E-mail
          xsjl@xzgc.com General manager



          xzgc@xzgc.com Marketing Department



          trade@xzgc.com Import Export Corporation
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            The company is a appointed construction machinery producer and one of the first group of the contury's second class enterprise,withself-running
          Imp.&Exp.rights,and has gained the certificate of ISO9000 Quality System Registration.Our company occupies 100 thousand square meters around,with a staff of more than 1.2 thousand of which there are 280 various midddled and high technician.Our company supplies pavers、planers、bulldozers、grabs such main plants with kinds of undercarriage ass'y,including track roller ass'y、idler

          ass'y、pulling ass'y、driving wheel ass'y、track shoes chain ass'y、providing pavers with various flap and smash girder/drummers、compaction girder's fittings、disparting material box ass'y、propelling axle ass'y、transport material board ass'y、smooth board ass'y 、undercarriage bracket serises、60J mount、90Jmount、left-right suspended part

          、block oil ring and classis axis.sum to more than 300 breeds.production are mainly supplied to about 10 companies at home such sa XuZhou Construction Machinery Group Inc、ShanTui Constuction Machinery Co.,Ltd、Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation、Tianjin Dingsheng Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd、Chengdu Construction Machinery Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd and Zhengjiang Huatong Group Corporation.

             Our company possess kinds of large and precise machine processing equipment,including numerical control machine processing center、numerical control lathe、numerical control tang tool、large and precise grinding machinr、1000T and 500T pressure machine、line incise machine  tool、  electric spark machine tool andd automatic jointing.              Our company have product designing develepmentcenterqualityexamining center、computer managing center.We persist in the principle of technology first、quality center、high quality staff guarantee,seeking to offer satisfactory production and premium service to consumers.Board chairman of the company double general manager。
            ZhaoXinZheng taking along the whole personel welcome new and old user come to instruct,discussoperation,conspire the develepment of the business.



          Tel:0537-231754 Fax:0537-2323316
          Address:NO.19central road central develepment area Ji Ning shevnlong

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